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Every month I have the opportunity to spend time with some wonderful ladies through a networking group that I belong to. This month I have been chatting to Rosemary Roberts a Personal Trainer in West Sussex who is passionate about helping her clients achieve their short, medium and long term goals. Find out more about her below!


Rosemary Roberts 
Profession: Personal Trainer
Website Link: http://rosemaryroberts.inspiringfitness.co.uk

How did you get into your industry?
Exercise has always been my “go to” remedy when life gets tough.
When my career in the Corporate World ended, I decided that I
wanted to show other people how exercise could help them. I believe
passionately that most people would feel better if they made time for
What’s your favourite thing about your job?
I love it when people who have come to me hating exercise, start
enjoying it for the first time. With so many fitness choices out there,
exercise never need be a chore and it is great seeing someone just
discover this!
What would be your top tip for someone looking for a personal
trainer? ​
Find someone that you trust, who you can really get on with and who
takes the time to understand you as a person. If your sessions are
enjoyable you are more likely to stick with them. If your Personal
Trainer is listening to your requirements, then they are more likely to
find effective solutions for you.
What’s your top tip for those wanting to improve their health and
Start slowly and be patient! Many people make the mistake of doing
too much at the beginning, getting injured and then giving up. Even
small changes can make a difference to how you feel. Build on these
changes gradually and you are more likely to stay healthy for life


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Nicky is a hypnotherapist and author. She was a former lecturer of childcare and health and social care. She specialises in children's therapies, grief and trauma recovery and eating disorders. Her therapeutic children's book collection 'The Adventures of Brian' is available on Amazon with over 10 titles available to help parents support their children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears. For more information visit www.astepatatime.org.uk
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