Are you overthinking everything?

Do you find yourself constantly questioning everything?

Do you have the simplest task to complete and procrastinate over it for hours?

Do you need to lose weight but spend so long questioning whether its working you don’t see your results?

Are you finding yourself going round in circles because you cannot focus on anything?

Are you just a classic over thinker?

The funny thing is that I spend a lot of my time working with people that drive themselves overthinking absolutely everything! To the point it is causing them distress or stress and in some cases even anxiety. In some cases it starts affecting relationships as the client is finding themselves doubting, questioning or double checking everything that their partner says and can never just live in the moment….

We’ve all been there with some kind of situation, whether its been a issue at work, a mistake that we have made, or a problem in a relationship, natural problems that we don’t know how to deal with, but why do we have to overthink them to such a degree? and why is it that some people just glide over these problems so much easier than others?

Is it in you mindset? 

The issue with our minds, well they are also very clever in this, is that our minds are much like a filing cabinet. When we experience something our brain, wanting to be clean and orderly, has to ‘file’ it somewhere.

So, when we are little and learn to walk, we do it again and again and again until we master it, and then our brain creates a file for it that says ‘walking’ and every time we put one foot in front of the other our brain accesses that file and uses it.

So, the more we experience something the greater that file becomes in our mind.

Which is where the problem arises with ‘new’ or ‘unknown’ experiences. When we experience something new our brain has to, innately, file and order it….

But what if there is no file for ‘work disciplinary’?

Then it has to sit in the filing tray until we find somewhere to file it…..

The issue arises when it is sat in that filing tray…. if its sat there then our brain has to work overtime to try to file it somewhere, because it cannot have things sat around with nowhere to go…which creates stress/anxiety

The stress or anxiety in many people will present itself initially as overthinking or becoming overwhelmed by things and a struggle to process it. For some people they will cope with this better than others, but until the situation is filed it cannot go anywhere.

The problem is that many of us do not understand that the process is causing us stress/anxiety rather than the nitty gritty that we are trying to file. In general terms ‘stress’ is the most overused but least understood terminology that we have, its become a flippant daily remark ‘i’m so stressed’ but what we do not recognise is that the stress is also present in these situations but we dismiss it as we do not necessarily ‘feel’ it as it is mild and its only symptom may be a feeling of being overwhelmed.

The brain will eventually locate a way to ‘file’ it away, whether it creates a new file or matches it elsewhere, but many people will seek the support of hypnotherapy to support the process and  quicken the pace so that their brain feels less overwhelmed.

You might find my free relaxation audio beneficial to calm down you central nervous system to make it easier to cope with those difficult situations, you can download it here:





About hypnonicky

Nicky is a hypnotherapist and author. She was a former lecturer of childcare and health and social care. She specialises in children's therapies, grief and trauma recovery and eating disorders. Her therapeutic children's book collection 'The Adventures of Brian' is available on Amazon with over 10 titles available to help parents support their children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears. For more information visit
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