1 way to lose weight quicker…. 

The problem with weight loss is that the majority (e.g. not my clients) choose to opt for a diet, and diets make us deprive ourselves of things that we like, and when we deprive ourselves we just want those things more, and then we et miserable, and when we become miserable we want to eat, and then we eat what we were depriving ourselves of, and then we feel even worst…. 
So in the grand scheme of things weight loss makes us unhappy 
So, I want to introduce you to a new word….
The word of the day – OXYTOCIN 

Any mummies reading this may already be familiar with this lovely word – it’s the hormonal response you feel the first time you meet your baby – that flood of love that fills you when you meet your bubba 
For those of you who have ever had sex its also that warm fuzzy feeling you get post sex when you’re cuddled with you lover 
For those of you with a cat or dog that you snuggle up to at the end of the day and just feel that overwhelming feeling of love and contentment – that’s oxytocin too 

So, so far in this newsletter I’ve covered a new word, sex and love and dogs so it’s got to be a good day… 
There is a point to this though….. 
Oxytocin is a hormonal response that encapsulates happiness 
When we are happy we don’t overeat (have you noticed that) 
When we are happy we are more motivated 
When we are happy we are more positive
When we are happy we lose weight! 
So what we need in our lives is more OXYTOCIN – how will you find yours? 

Enjoy finding it X 


About hypnonicky

Nicky is a hypnotherapist and author. She was a former lecturer of childcare and health and social care. She specialises in children's therapies, grief and trauma recovery and eating disorders. Her therapeutic children's book collection 'The Adventures of Brian' is available on Amazon with over 10 titles available to help parents support their children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears. For more information visit www.astepatatime.org.uk
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