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3 ways to work out if you are really ready to lose weight 

“I want to lose weight” How many times in the last week/month/year have you uttered those words? Now have a think for a moment – how many times have these words been followed up with action?  The problem with losing … Continue reading

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Things you didn’t know about hypnotherapy 

There are so many bad hypnosis TV shows out there that few people actually know what hypnosis is, or what it feels like, our only knowledge being the hyped up, humiliating scenarios we’ve witnessed on the TV.  So what do … Continue reading

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Is your drive for perfection ruining your weight loss?

Something that is quite profound when working with weight loss clients is that they fall into two categories: The first group just follow the guidelines consistently and remark how easy, simply and straightforward the plan was.  The second try to … Continue reading

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